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yachts and boatsIt is a far cry from the old days of pirates and buried treasure but there is still something there that recaptures the history of these beautiful friendly islands.  The moment you arrive you feel more than the warmth of the sun, your senses are immediately aware of the sights, sounds and smells that only the Caribbean has.  You will be surrounded by smiling happy faces and somewhere there will be the ever present sound of the Caribbean "steel band".... [more info]


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Greece is a land of history, mythology & natural beauty. There is something about the light which gives a transparent atmosphere of dazzling clarity where ever you are by mountain or sea. No matter where you go it will be a pleasure. The sea is every where and it is true to say that no where in Greece are you further than 60 miles from the sea. The mild climate is ideal for the visitor..... [more info]

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Experience the Bahamas with your own luxury power yacht.  Visit the Grand Bahamas, Nassau, Bimini, Northern Eleuthera islands, Long Island, Crooked island, Berry island, San Salvador, Rum Cay, Staniel Cay, Cat Island, Marsh harbour, Turks and Caicos or South Bimini  ... [more info]

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Normally for the blue water sailors who love the feel of wind and saltwater in their faces ...! We call them the race car drivers of our sport.

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On the hundred or so islands in the Seychelles, scattered over an area of 400,000 square kilometers of ocean, you can discover primeval mist forests, huge flocks of sea birds and giant tortoises, black parrots and the flightless white-throated rail bird [related to extinct Dodo].... [more info]

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